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Annual Report


A transitional year


annual report

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Economy and market

Since late 2018, consumer confidence, which is traditionally an important growth driver in the food service market, has dropped sharply in the markets in which we operate, ultimately resulting in weakening growth for the food service market. Combined with considerable cost inflation in 2019, especially in energy and logistics, this created a challenging market landscape in 2019.

Key figures for 2019

x € million


  • Net sales
  • €2,395
  • 2018: €2,346
  • Mutation: +2.1%
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  • €127
  • 2018: €114
  • Mutation:   +10.8%


  • EBIT
  • €44
  • 2018: €53
  • Mutation: -16.2%


  • Net profit
  • €34
  • 2018: €46
  • Mutation: -25.3%

CO2-reductie sinds 2010

  • Carbon reduction since 2010
  • –27.7%
  • 2018: –20.9%
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Duurzaam assortiment

  • Sustainable product range
  • 11.6%
  • 2018: 10.0%
  • (% of net sales)

Aantal zonnepanelen

  • Number of solar panels
  • 36,500
  • +12,500

Gasloze panden

  • Gas-free buildings (m2)
  • 320,000
  • +20%

Man-vrouw verdeling

  • Diversity male/female (%)
  • 74/26
  • 2018: 74/26
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Aantal medewerkers

  • Employees
  • 4,100
  • 2018: 4,056
  • Mutation:   +1.1%
  • (full-time annual average)

Aantal Opleidingen

  • Courses and training modules
  • 287
  • (total number)


  • Employement
  • 11.6
  • (average number of years)

Market and Strategy

Our strategy

Sligro Food Group serves consumers directly and indirectly with a comprehensive range of food and food-related non-food products and services. Each with their own distinct profile, our various business units focus primarily on our direct customers.

Our ambition

Our ambition is furthermore to be the undisputed market leader in food service and set the tone in good food in the Benelux countries by excelling in terms of customer experience and returns. By harnessing the power of our people, infrastructure and partnerships, we create value for all stakeholders.

Market approach

Sligro Food Group is focused on the food and beverage market. Both in the Netherlands and in Belgium, Sligro Food Group operates in all key food service market segments.


Our CSR vision

At Sligro Food Group, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and business performance go hand in hand. This goes without saying at our listed family-run business. After all, as a family business you just want to treat your people and environment decently and respectfully, both today and with an eye to the future.

Our key focus areas and goals

Our CSR policy is based on three core focus areas that have particular relevance for Sligro Food Group and contain important opportunities and challenges for us, and where our responsibility in the supply chain is the greatest and the most self-evident: people, planet, and product range.

Our results (in key focus areas)

Goals for 2030 are linked to our key focus areas. Every year, we publish the progress and results in terms of specific indicators.